Dermaplaning is a Non invasive effective procedure

Dermaplaning exfoliates and deep cleanses the uppermost epidermis layers of dead skin, by using a surgical blade.

Dermaplaning minimises fine lines, dehydration, pigmentation, large pores and scaring.

Dermaplaning removes vellus hair (better known as peach fuzz) from the face. Thus achieving flawless makeup application, Vellus hair WILL NOT grow back any different and will not grow “stubbly” as the hair is removed with the upper dead skin layers it is attached too, leaving a completely smooth fuzz free appearance. The hair will grow back exactly the same as it was.

Dermaplaning can be done on any skin type, including those with sensitive skin.

Dermaplaning allows for better penetration of products. Enabling products such as Collagen and hylauronic acid to be infused deeper then other methods of exfoliation.

The procedure revels a smooth surface and healthy glow. Stimulates healthy cell renewal for long lasting results.